I am effective first and optimally, and only efficient next. I understand that efficiency is merely doing things right – which doesn’t matter unless I’m effective – meaning I’m doing the right things in the first place. I get quality work done earlier than usual because I am focused, detoxed, and run powerfully.

I am flexible, and able to deal with restricted time constraints – because this is life, interruptions – because that may be God knocking, and chaos – because the creative and visionary part of me may thrive from it. It’s a muscle that’s needed for humbleness, happiness, breakthrough, and doing God’s work and I want to strengthen it.

I seek wisdom today through the advice, opinions, philosophies, and overall conversations of people I love, people I look up to, and people I don’t normally tune my frequency to – kids, strangers I come across throughout my day, and people I don’t agree with. I don’t pretend I know it all, I don’t interrupt, I listen to understand, and I leave all ego and pride for a chance to be delightfully surprised and have my life changed for the better.

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