I am aware of my thoughts, behaviors, and actions; and I make sure they are all healthy habits and conducive of getting work done, working on what matters, and being a light to people. I am God’s ambassador and model in a way that makes Him smile.

I diversify, add more color to, and uncover more layers of my life. In my past life all I did was work and think business; but my new life now consists of doing more for our family’s nonprofit in alleviating poverty and overall giving people more hope, being a hands-on husband and father, and I don’t skimp on things that make me curious, interested, excited. This includes reading fiction books or skills; going deeper into learning more about where I travel; and having conversations with people about my aspirations.

I give more value than I capture – and this includes sharing wisdom from what I read and my experiences; and helping others with no expectation of payment, credit, nor acknowledgement.

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