Today I’m going to try something new. Earlier this year I started writing down my affirmations – thanks to my wife and her inspiration while reading “The Miracle Morning” – and kept them private in my DayOne journal app. But I’ve been thinking about how I can hold myself more accountable to them and also maybe inspire someone else out there – and figured I could use my blog platform to do so.

The theory is that since they would now be public, I’d be more motivated to live out the affirmations that I aspire to have, be, or do; and I could even encourage and perhaps be encouraged by my loved ones and unknown visitors. Let’s experiment and reiterate as I go.

I am a new person and have a clean slate to write my story. This includes replacing old, toxic, unhelpful, and unnecessary habits, thoughts, and actions with new ones; and I can respond differently and do things differently. I have a new operating system today and it’s one that runs on God’s power and His purpose for me – not mine or someone else’s incompatible or outdated software.

I am a grateful person who has so many blessings that can’t be ignored and must have the light shone on – for my own appreciation as well as for my family and everybody else I come in contact with.

I am adamant about honoring the Sabbath today. I understand its importance for taking care of my God-given and Holy Spirit housed body; that it’s in Your commandments with the same weight as stealing, murder, cheating, lying, etc.; and I want to be an example to my family and those who are entrepreneurs, businesspeople, ministers, and other hard-workers who need and would benefit from recharging, creating white space, diversifying their attention, and having an opportunity to be with loved ones.

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