I still believe in having a short-term (a few months out) plan of attack in my personal life and that of my businesses…but a five-year plan, specifically?

I don’t have one of those – or anything later than that…and I’m cool with it.

While it’s a “nice to have” plan, I don’t believe it’s important, actionable, and will remain relevant. I’m leaving the outcome to God – whose plan is ALWAYS better than my short-sighted, limited “goals with holes”; and time and time again He’s shown me that the best things that’ve ever happened to me were unplanned.

My abrupt divorce, re-marriage with kids, chain of The Halal Guys restaurants, and traveling the world to consult are just a few of the many “out of left-field” events that have changed and still are changing my life forever.

I just want to trust the Lord; explore my curiosities; use my God given talents; do what I love; and love people. The rest of life can have their way with me; and the freedom from planning life – instead of living life – feels liberating, exciting, breathable, and real.

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