There are good habits we should incorporate into our daily lives that I hear quite often – meditation, gratitude, exercise, being present, acts of kindness, etc. etc.

They are life-changing for me and I have no disputes about any of them.

But here’s one that’s not too common – at least in its delivery:

“The more voluntary suffering you build into your life, the less involuntary suffering will affect your life” – Tim Ferriss

Try something new every day – with an emphasis on something you fear.

Exercise with a little more distance, weight, and repetition every time.

Have one uncomfortable conversation daily.

Add a few minutes more every day to the time you spend with your loved ones.

Write one more good reason why you believe in and stand for something.

Write one more good reason why people believe in and stand for something you don’t.

Live on one less item or dollar every day.

You get the picture.

The bits of pain, inconveniences, annoyances, loathing, and extra time will pay off with stronger muscles, increased tolerance for inevitable attacks, more compassion, and prime you for both survival and bigger opportunities that you couldn’t have taken on had you not grown to meet them.

This is something I wrote in my journal exactly one year ago today, and never elaborated on it. So when it popped up on my journaling screen today (I write daily in DayOne, and there’s a feature on the app that notifies me of posts I wrote on that day a year ago and years before that), I had to take the opportunity to share it, and share with it some examples that help me live it more and intentionally.

I hope they turn the tide in your favor, too.

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