“There is no urgency to have it all figured out. And feeling like you have it all figured out can make you stuck and close-minded to change.” – Annie Duke

Rushing to figure things out makes you miss out on the wins, lessons, detours, and delights hidden along the way – experiences that may lead you to an entirely different and even better outcome than you expected had you not been so hard set in your plans.

I mean – are you even 110% sure, after all? How many times have you changed your mind throughout your life as you gained more knowledge, met new people, and endured new circumstances?

With some crazy exceptions – what about the high school sweetheart that you knew you were going to marry? The job that aligned perfectly with the degree you went to school for?

And to expand on Annie’s second sentence – While we are constantly learning and growing in wisdom, it’s guaranteed that there will always more that we don’t know. This exciting journey of discovery isn’t limited to a semester, trip, or term – but is a life-long expedition that doens’t end. And that should psyched you out.

With this in mind, I should never, ever feel like I’ve arrived. I need to be comfortable with the ever-present unknowns, uncertainties, and fact that I’ll never have it “figured out.” It’d be a fool’s errand to aspire to something that doens’t exist – lest I be discouraged, non-productive, and depressed.

Slow down. Be open. Enjoy life.

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