This was a great read for the morning, week, month, year, and life ahead in general.

My favorite takeaways:

People never follow through on their goals because they think about the big picture too much, and don’t focus on the daily, small, precise, digestible, actions needed to help them achieve great results. The big picture is scary and paralyzing – so people can’t do anything; and at the same time it is also vague and allows one to easily cop out – so people don’t do do anything.

“Consistent action coupled with time guarantees lasting progress. Small improvements add up to massive differences. Compounding works in other areas besides money.”

You don’t have to take massive action for massive results. You just need to take a step that’s seemingly laughable, achievable, and builds confidence; and when you make the step very easy, don’t rush it either by trying to steps a ton of steps at once. It’s not sustainable and will most likely lead to a halt.

Just make it a part of your every day routine and take assurance that transformation is happening, even when you don’t see it. You never see it coming, and that’s the way it should be.

“Small, Smart Choices + Consistency + Time = RADICAL DIFFERENCE.” – Darren Hardy

Don’t focus on the outcome and the big breakthrough; concentrate on your small actions. The former will be the natural, inevitable byproduct.

Big goals require momentum, and momentum can’t happen unless you start small and build your muscle, consistency, and capacity.

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