I love writing. Not sure if I’m any good – but that doesn’t matter. I’m not trying to go by anybody’s standard but mine; and it has saved my life, expanded thoughts, kept me sane, inspired me, kept me focused, and opened up a dialogue with God.

There was a lack of blog post activity over the last few weeks. I’ve continued to write in my Day One journal almost every day – but I’ve realized the reason why they haven’t made it onto my blog.

One thing I used to do on my blog posts was to categorize them with key word tags; and while I hated doing it, I felt like I needed to do it in order to have “blog etiquette.”

I am not doing that any longer. It doesn’t honor the goals I expressed on the first paragraph – it prevented me from sharing what I love doing; I don’t need to meet any standards of blogging; and tagging and organizing has nothing to do with achieving focus, clarity, inspiration, sanity, and salvation.

Bam. The bottleneck has been eliminated.

Makes me think about what else I’m putting off because of some kink I can eliminate because it doesn’t matter…

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