“That is why the Israelites cannot stand against their enemies…” – Joshua 7:12

Today’s devotional hit home for me. You can have the best laid plans, the best people on your team, the best rituals to achieving a goal…but can still fail, if the battle isn’t in God’s will for you, but more importantly – if there is a break in your armor.

The above verse talks about how the Israelites were defeated by the Amorites – when they were certain they could win, and had every advantage on their side…except their spiritual purity. And because they didn’t have that, they didn’t have God – the most important weapon in their arsenal, and the only thing needed to win.

It makes me reflect on all of my best laid plans for my wife, my kids, my businesses…and there are times when I am impatient and lacking faith, I think/say/do horrible things that God would not approve of…and I need to fix these breaches before I go into battle.

Lord – help me do this by staying in Your Word, being in constant connection with you, cutting off unhealthy/negative/ineffective/wrong thoughts and behaviors, and by always saying/doing things in love.

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