This is part of a series called “Devotionals.”


When you change your mentality from “this is all there is to life” to “this life is preparation for the next” – you will set your priorities very differently.

The first thought process will compel you to not care about people nor do meaningful work, and to instead accommodate your selfish, short-sighted, and wrongful desires. The second thought will remind you that how things go down in the next chapter of your life will be dictated by what you do during this short, temporary stay on Earth; and to encourage you to do what matters most – bringing as much of His Kingdom here through loving God, loving people, and living out your purpose.

God is more interested in why you do what you do, instead of what you do or how you do it. The logistics aren’t as important as the reason for doing them. Prioritize accordingly.

People tend to make goals out of fear, guilt, pride, peer pressure, jealousy, greed, or material things; and God will not bless those reasons. He will bless goals that are made out of love for God and others. When you don’t set goals out of love, people just become projects and things to use.

And try to set goals that are out of your comfort zone or human ability; it will demonstrate faith, build strength, and force you to depend on God to execute with you. And when God’s involved, miracles and purpose are sure to happen.

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