This is from a podcast I listened to by Reid Hoffman – founder of LinkedIn – who interviewed Brian Chesky, founder of AirBNB; and the topic was “scaling.”

In order to scale, you need to work on things that don’t scale (say whah?)

Stop thinking big, and start thinking small. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t invite 1.8 billion people when he started Facebook. He just invited a few people, created fans out of them, and made it easy and more fun to use when they invited others.

Hand-serve your customers at the highest level before scaling; the growth will be an automatic byproduct. Just like helping your customers should be the main focus, as the monetary rewards will come naturally.

It’s hard to get 10 people to not simply “like” you, but LOVE you. But you can get there by spending time with them, caring about what they say, and crafting the product/service of their dreams – one they are fanatical about.

When you handle everything personally in the beginning, this is when you are most in-tune with your fans; and this is where you are most creative. Only until you master this can you ask for more; but try not to forget that when you grow and can afford to add more people and systems in place that create distances from the customer.

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