This is part of a series called “Devotionals.”


“You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God.” (Matt. 5:3 The Message)

The sooner you give up trying to handle problems yourself and give it to God, the sooner it gets solved – with a 100% success rate and always in a better way than you had planned.

So knowing what I know above – why am I still constantly opting for a horrible track record and quality of life?

Arrogance (thinking I know better), pride (not admitting I can’t do it all), ego (thinking I’m too good to give up), stubbornness (refusing to let go), abundant knowledge or talent (believing I have the competence and experience to logically fix the bugs), ignorance (not realizing that God has promised to take care of me), forgetfulness (forgetting that he will take care of me), and using God as a last resort (instead of a first line of defense and offense) all create barriers to accessing my Creator’s unlimited, unconditionally loving, infinitely wise, and freely-given power.

And what makes His help even better than it already is, is that I can start receiving His assistance RIGHT NOW; that my Savior doesn’t require me to be perfect or jump through hurdles before I can come to Him.

I am making a list of things I’m currently confused about, hitting a dead end on, and are frustrated with – regardless of how big or small – at work; at home with the family or kids; within me mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally…and telling Him He’s got some problems He needs to fix on my behalf. I need to put the heavy burden I’m currently carrying onto Him, and relax.

I want to tip the scale of trusting Him instead of myself, and being open to however He handles it instead of my own agenda; and I know I’ll be in for a treat. There is immense power in being powerless.

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