This is part of a series called “SHAFT” where I document my family’s journey towards starting, running, and benefitting others with our nonprofit.


Just completed Franchise Tax Board Form 3500 – which allows SHAFT to obtain tax-exempt status in California, if approved.

It’s a whopping 44 pages to read, complete, and attach documents to – Something I hope to only do once (well, twice – since the IRS required me to complete Form 1023; which does the same thing but on a Federal level).

I understand that some of the difficulty in filing these forms is to prevent abuse and illegal activities – and requires a lot of proof that nonprofits are doing what they say they’re doing. But most of the difficulty lies in an antiquated system that’s been left alone with no one to take ownership in making more efficient. I wish they were more focused on getting folks like my family and my donors to help people, immediately and impactfully.


Okay – done with my 60-second venting session. Let’s get back to doing meaningful work.

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