Attachment-1This is part of a journey my family and I are embarking on – in starting, running, and growing a nonprofit organization with a mission that’s dear to our hearts.

You can read the backstory here, and all of the entries here


This past Thursday my wife and I visited our local Chase Bank and opened SHAFT Foundation’s bank account!

This was exciting because we’ve been anxiously waiting to transfer our own tithe over, and to start spreading the word to fundraise.

And apparently God was pretty anxious, too; because after we shared the purpose of our nonprofit while our banker helped us open the account, he called me the next day and said he felt called to donate to what we’re doing on a MONTHLY basis!

SUCH a God thing!

I believe it’s what happens when you take on a project much bigger than you can handle on your own; it forces you to depend on Him, and doing His will His way always gets His support. And it’s also what happens when you don’t keep your work a secret, but put it out there to the universe; it will attract those who care about what you care about, too.

What’s next? Taking inventory of what shoebox supplies we currently have (we’ve lost our garage to those cause lol!) and announcing that our donor contributions are 100% tax free. Some of you will be getting a call/email/meeting request soon =P

We’re so jacked up on what’s to come for this initiative!

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