I’m going to share an idea that I think will make you billions…or at least $1.99 from me as a customer in the Apple Store lol!

When I read emails and want to respond to them, I have two choices:

  1. Type them via traditional keyboard. Which is sometimes not convenient, the message is too long for me to comfortably do it on my phone, or I’m just lazy lol. Or
  2. Turn Siri on and have her dictate it. There are a lot of words that she doesn’t understand, and it frustrates me. 

I wish there was a third option

A way for me to record a 30-60 second voice message as my response – right where I’m composing – and send it away as an attachment. 

Right now, the only way to do this on my iPhone is to open a separate app – the Voice Memos one, for example – record the message; save it to my Dropbox or iCloud Drive; switch to my Mail app, and then attach it. Inconvenient and unsustainable. 

In my ideal world, when composing an email, I can click a blank area in the response body – and along with the below options I can choose “Insert Voice Message” or some variation. 

I would then record the email response, press done, and send it off like any other attachment. 

Hopefully, this will reach the right developer and they will make one of my deepest wishes come true. 

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