One of my favorite days of the week is Sunday. And one of my most challenging days of the week…is Sunday.

For the longest time, I worked all seven days. I didn’t manage my time properly. I treated everything as important. I treated work more importantly than relationships. I ran on empty all the time. And in a sick, twisted way – I was even proud of it. My world of workaholics places high value on achievement above most things, if not all. 

I always knew that God REQUIRES rest on one day – and made it just as important as not cheating, lying, stealing, and killing on the Ten Commandments; and that relaxing and recharging the batteries will allow you to take the day ahead….but doing is different from knowing. 

I blew this notion off because I had too much work and felt behind if I rested, and that “I can rest all I want when I’m dead.”
I guess it took some health issues from lack of sleep, gout, and weight gain; and some wisdom as I got older to embrace the Sabbath. And while I’m not perfectly in the clear on Sundays, I’ve been better at honoring the Sabbath for about a year now and the results have been amazing. 

Because I have even tighter constraints to work, I’ve been forced to focus on doing only the most important things first. The least important things somehow get done anyway, or they disappear and don’t need to be done at all.

I’ve been able to focus on what matters – love and relationships. I spent yesterday playing with my kids – it was a gorgeous day to be out, I was exercising  by running around with them, and got a healthy dose of fresh air. Christine and I had one of our best friends over for dinner to catch up and enjoy each others’ company. Instead of being on reactive mode, I had enough empty space to think about how to best handle this week ahead. And this morning – I woke up happy and with a battery life at 100%.

Rest the body you’ve been given. If you do it His way, He will promise you more time – counterintuitive to what you might think; and you will be blessed instead of being stressed. 

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