I am BEYOND EXCITED that my team and I are opening our fourth store in the city of Cerritos, California next week!

I have a nostalgic relationship with this town. Back when I was a college kid with little funds (student loans bankrolled my adventures, lol) and had a machine-like metabolism (I still eat like I do *sigh* *smh*) – my friends and I would frequent this area for cheap  desserts (Guppy House was my jam) and Filipino food (Jeepney Asian Grill and Red Ribbon bakery). It made my childhood delicious.

Since then, it’s grown so much into a major foodie hub in Southern California – with the entrants of iconic brands like 85 Degrees Bakery, North Shore Poke and Neptunes Raw Bar (owned by one of our partners); and upcoming monsters 7 Leaves, Cauldron Ice Cream, Afters Ice Cream, and soooooo so many more of our friends and peers in the industry.

This place was a no-brainer for the brand.

I am proud of my partners, vendor partners, staff, and corporate. It’s unreal to think that over the last 16 months we’ve grown to four stores (along with Costa Mesa, Long Beach, and Koreatown), three more in construction, I’m hoping for five more by year-end, and we have 40+ more to go…but it’s not surprising when God’s involved, and when you have an amazing team.

If you want to go fast – go alone; but if you want to go far – go together (we got best of both worlds!).

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