I love long blocks of time to mediate (after 30 days I’ve graduated to 20 minutes a session!); to be creative (reading and writing); to get franchise deals done; to strategize for my companies; to empty my phone and email inboxes; and to mark off the rest of my list of “things best enjoyed batched.”

This is why I wake up at 4a in the morning to start my day. I want to be left alone.

But it’s one thing to be unbothered so that you can be efficient and productive. And it’s another thing to be interrupted so that your life can change.

While I love getting stuff done – looking back at my history, I noticed that all of my life-changing and defining moments happened when I was going about my day and POW! I get knocked off the train tracks of my well-laid plans, and my status quo is a destructive mess and unrecognizable at times.

I think of stories in the Bible where God interrupted His disciples’and greatest ambassadors’ current work (Peter was fishing, Matthew was collecting taxes, David was tending to his flock, etc.), and they could’ve never planned His entry into their lives.

But those unplanned events changed history and have reached the world. 
Here are two events that completely destroyed my plans…and I am better for them.

  • I was on my very last semester of college at California State University Long Beach (go 49ers!) before graduating, when an opportunity to own a restaurant – an industry I knew nothing about – presented itself and I dropped out of school to pursue it. Because of that, it led to an amazing career experience, my passion for restaurants, 10 years at Fransmart, traveling the world doing what I love, my company Halal Or Nothing, and my countless consulting opportunities.
  • I had a goal of getting married at 27 – which I did achieve – but a terrible incident happened that led to me getting a divorce. Because of that, it led me to re-dedicating my life to Christ, growing my beautiful family, and finding what it means to truly love.

The next time you plan your calendar or your life in general, leave some room for and anticipate interruptions. You really don’t want to live your life as planned – your limited knowledge of the future and universe will prevent you from letting go of what is, so that you can have what could be. 

And try not to be upset that things aren’t going your way (something I am still working on). Learn to take these interruptions productively by yourself “What is the universe trying to teach me?” And be excited that you are on your way to embracing change, strengthening your resilience muscle, and readying yourself for opportunity. 

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