Through trial and error, research of my favorite investors, taking personal inventory, and no longer swimming in denial (get it?! “The Nile?!”…never mind), I have decided to call it quits on stock trading.

  1. I am not allowed to invest in public stocks except in my retirement accounts. I am not a numbers guy, I do not have an unfair advantage of any sort, it’s not very interesting to me, nor do I choose to have the full-time commitment needed to be excellent at public companies investing. I have been stock-free for a few years now, and no longer have a sense of FOMO whenever partners, clients, family, and friends talk about how much they’ve capitalized on a buy/sell. I am comfortable letting it fly over my head.
  2. My retirement account only contain ETF’s (exchange traded funds). According to Tony Robbins’ research in his new book “Money: Master The Game,” over 90% of mutual funds NEVER beat the market; and management fees charged by mutual funds eat earnings that equate to substantial amounts of money over time (in the thousands to even hundred-thousands). I am playing the long-game here anyway, so why not join the market via low-cost ETF’s and let it run?

I’d rather invest my growth capital in startup and emerging companies – which I will write about in the near-future – with much better chances and less risk, contrary to popular belief.

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