This isn’t my first foray into blogging.

Years ago, I started a one called “Reset” on (you’ve wasted your finger muscles if you clicked on that) and wrote maybe 20 articles when I stopped.

I lost inspiration. I got too busy. My expectations for the blog were too complicated and unsustainable (I felt I had to monetize it, that I should only write about 1-2 focused topics, that the blog had to have a certain look, I had to learn how to use plugins and code, and a bunch of other “shoulds”).  

Overall, I just couldn’t appreciate the power and benefits of writing on my personal and professional life then.

I stopped blogging, but I never stopped writing, however. I have a DayOne journal app on my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook that I’ve continued to post since 2012 – mainly to detox my crowded little brain and keep records of memories, ideas, and achievements.

I write emails and proposals non-stop at my work and the companies I own.

It wasn’t until I read Tim Ferriss’ (on a sidenote – he is my favorite business/productivity/lifestyle design hero and changed EVERYTHING for me) podcasts and articles about blogging a few times over that I realized a few important things about myself:

For me, I should just write to decompress and write what I am passionate about. No offense to you, but I am serving so many people throughout the day; this should be for me.

There should be no pressure to design a gorgeous blog when WordPress templates are sufficient, I am not trying to be the Louis Vuitton of blog pages, and I am a minimalist. A page that reflects who I am should be ridiculously plain.

There should be no need to monetize my blog – it’s not the only reason why people write. My main income will always come from Fransmart, my restaurants, investments, and advisory fees. The main goal for this project is small and it’s to improve my writing and thoughts; and when you start making decisions based on money, there’s undue pressure and you know you’re not doing what you’re made to do.

So here it is. A vanilla-looking blog for an audience of two – myself and God – so it’s an immediate and wildly-successful blog post by the time I press “Publish.”

I plan on writing about my past and what moments and decisions shaped who I am now. 

I plan on sharing my adventures as a restaurant franchise developer for Fransmart

I plan on documenting my entrepreneurial endeavors in starting up and operating restaurants as a 50-unit franchisee of The Halal Guys in Southern California

I plan on exposing (as appropriate) my family life as a husband, adopted dad of two boys, son, brother and our experiments in travel, home schooling, parenting, and everything else that comes with the territory. 

I read a lot and am excited to share things I learn in business, restaurants, franchising, finance, investing, entrepreneurship, personal development. 

And I plan on brain dumping whatever other crazy messes I get myself into and/or think about.

I’m not sure what form these posts will shape up to be, or where I’m going with this. But I don’t want the uncertainty or lack of perfection to stop me from what I’ve always enjoyed doing. I’m untangling these “kinks in the garden hose” so that my writing flows with fresh perspective, strengthens roots, fosters growth, washes away dirt, and doesn’t hit and hurt anybody lol (I tried to max that metaphor; I think I should’ve stopped sooner).

If anybody else reads and finds value in it, then it’s a bonus for me, and I’m glad I could entertain you, inspire you, resonate with you, and make you think. If not, I won’t be hurt and I can take comfort in that I took action and did what I wanted, on my terms, and met my goal.

All right, let’s do this. 

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