Affirmations – 04.22.18

I am letting God direct my life completely. I’m leaving a large margin in my day in order to be sensitive, stress-free, open, and fully accommodating to what You want me to do. I am loving my wife and kids more. I am more kind to people along my travels today. And I will take away my filters of ego, pride, judgment, opinion, and experience to whatever I am exposed to today – internally and externally.

I incorporate an uncompromising balance between modeling and loving other peoples’ successes, and staying true to God’s definition of prosperity in my life. Inspiration from books, videos, speeches, and conversations are healthy when consumed in moderation; but they become toxic when they eclipse my own story – my own identity – and lead me into the territories of obsession and dependency. I am grateful for positive predecessors that paved the way, and I am focused on seeking my own voice, purpose, self, and definition of success.

I am focused on authenticity. I am preventative of untrue statements that come out of my mouth, and I am not afraid to correct myself when it does happen. I am comfortable with the phrases “I don’t know;” “I struggle with that, too;” “I made a mistake.” I care more about being true down to the depths of my soul than what others think.


Affirmations – 04.20.18

I channel all of my energy on fighting today’s battles only. I don’t dwell on the past nor the future; they only rob me of being present. There are enough wins to gain, celebrate, and enjoy as well as enough challenges to learn from and overcome – just in these 24 hours alone – that will require me at max capacity. God will only equip me with the grace and strength needed for that day – hence his “daily bread” in the Lord’s prayer – so I will not save my energy for an elusive future and exhaust it today, and have faith that tomorrow will have its own provision.

I respond kindly in all interactions – especially in ones I normally don’t give much thought to, and when I’m being attacked or irritated. Proverbs states that doing so avoids wrath; but I also believe that all people deserve to be shown love, it’s a ministry to leave people happier than before they met me, and it opens the doors to new relationships and opportunities.

I am authentic. I don’t pretend that all is okay when things aren’t, and I allow myself to express feelings that I normally contain. Being authentic helps me learn about myself; it allows me to build stronger bonds with others who are in pain or in joy; and it makes me feel truly alive. I crave that sense.

Affirmations – 04.17.18

I am forgoing well-paying projects in exchange for ones that give me valuable experiences, bigger challenges, immense joy, and builds my courage. Money comes and goes, but impact and purpose send ripples past my own sphere and lifetime, and that’s what matters.

I have what it takes. I don’t let current circumstances, human limitations, temporary setbacks, and worldly falsehoods trick me into thinking otherwise. I am made in God’s image, I have unlimited power in Christ, and all works out well for the good.

I make healthy decisions in my eating and exercise regimen today. I have the long-game in mind – and know that since I’m eating ramen with a good family friend today, I am going to do no carbs all day to; I am going to do resistance training tonight with kettlebells and push-ups; and I am keeping myself sustained with activities and high-protein snacks to offset it.

Affirmations – 04.12.18

I am loving and serving right where I am. I don’t have to have all of the answers nor all of the necessary resources to do deep, great work and to show kindness to people. I refuse to wait for “perfect conditions,” “all the facts,” “when I have enough time/money,” “a sign,” and “right after I…” – most of which are false, distractions, and a waste of the gift of NOW.

I am less focused on drive and more aware of what is driving me today. Society likes to glorify someone who is “driven” but forget that addiction; crimes like theft and murder; and fear are committed by driven people as well. I am slowing down, reversing, and making sure that the “gas” in my tank is an inner calling, a love of God, and a love for others before I put my pedal to the metal.

I am a son, today. I tend to be quite busy as a father figure – one who works hard, who provides for the family, and has to be a good role model. But today, I look to my heavenly Father for rest, wisdom, direction, and provision; and get to be a son again – I can trust and depend on Him; I am fearless; I am curious and playful; I am not stressed out, and put problems on God to handle; and I am carried through today’s troubles.

Affirmations – 04.04.18

Today my validation is already settled from within – from my Father who created me in His image, has given me His power, and gave me purpose long before I was even born. I do not need it from people, from possessions, and from accomplishments. They are temporary, distracting, idols, and inaccurate; and cannot be relied upon to draw strength, identity, and calling like depending on You does.

Today I am am aware of the things I AM NOT – in hopes of shaving them off and getting closer to finding who I truly am. I don’t resort to denial, feeling comfortable, wanting to finish things off, or justifying what I’m not meant to be or do. I quit them immediately and replace them with what I know I am, and/or feeling comfortable with the white space until my purpose and my DNA kick in. This may involve uncomfortable conversations; strained relationships; loss of comfort, identity, or income; but it’s the long and authentic game I am shooting for.

Today I am going to reach out to people with the agenda of loving them, complimenting them, encouraging them, giving them value, and finding ways that I can help them achieve their goals. There will be no other ulterior motive but to leave them better than before my interaction. I am a light.

Affirmations – 04.02.18

I exhibit outsized courage today, because it correlates to my life’s limits. Being fearless or an expert are NOT requirements to being successful; but being daring s. I am aware of what I know I need to do, of what I am passionate about, of what I am insecure about, that paralysis is caused by over-analysis, faith is the theme of God’s purpose for my life, and that one step is all it takes…and I take it.

I plug into God’s power today – not my own. My energy is not very strong and doesn’t last, and can only power small, limiting projects; whereas my Creator’s powers the world and beyond that, and lasts forever. I swallow my pride, accept my bandwidth, and decide to borrow from the incredible energy source made available to me.

I help as many people as I can today – because Jesus died for everybody, and because the best way to make a million dollars is to help a million people. There are no downsides to serving others with love.

Affirmations – 03.29.18

I address and/or fix mistakes I make immediately; I don’t wait for them to become failures, as preventable failures are not to be glorified. I am empowered to course-correct and improve every thought, behavior, and action right on the spot today.

I don’t dwell in frustration; I have too many guaranteed solutions to sabotage myself. I can take a talk with God; walk; sleep on it; exercise; talk with my wife, kids, and/or friends; and self-talk questions to myself, like “Am I just upset that there is lack of progress, or should I change the approach?”

All of my choices today are in services to my ultimate goals of building an important, profitable, and liquid portfolio of companies; advising entrepreneurs; strengthening my relationship with Christ and my family; and traveling the world.

How results are truly obtained.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 5.13.29 PM.png

What a novel, uncomfortable, and hard-to-believe concept. That I don’t need to stress out, throw off priorities, ruin relationships or health, or over-work to produce desired results.

All you need to do is be obedient.

Another sub-concept to consider is to eliminate “desired” from “desired results.” I can desire all I want, but if it’s not healthy, right, or even in my cards…I only set my own self up for disappointment, bitterness, anger, an unenjoyable journey [Because it’s not just about the destination; it’s about being present, too -right?], and overall – a negative story or belief that doesn’t help you.

Because a large part of the end result is out of our control…how about I stop trying to control what can’t be controlled, and just leave the outcome to God?

I can already start seeing the benefits of this philosophy.

I wouldn’t be susceptible to doing unethical, questionable things.

I wouldn’t get it mixed up – where most LOVE money and USE people, I USE money and LOVE people.

I would be present and mindful in everything I do.

I would be a positive role model to my kids and others who I impact.

I would be healthier and have a better quality of life.

I would be doing more of the things I love – like read, write, try new things, build things that matter.

I would be more patient.

I would spend less time adjusting from expectations to reality.

I would learn more.

I would receive exactly what I need at any given time.

I would be happy with what I have.

I would be full of joy with everything that happens to me.

I’m not an economist, but little input for infinite ROI is asymmetrical risk in my favor and makes the most sense; and I’d be crazy not to invest in obedience and openness.

Affirmations – 03.26.18

I am serious and committed to my business today. I only play where I am passionate, control my investments, and can leverage my experience and influence. The rest of my activities can go to the backseat if necessary, or exit. I am uncompromising today.

I am creative. I no longer joke nor spend time explaining to people how uncreative I am. God is a Creator and made me in His image, so I truly am full of ideas to serve people better and make the world better; they are just waiting to be unlocked, and they no longer have to wait. I think differently today in all aspects and create fertile soil for breakthroughs, inspirations, new opportunities, and performing miracles for those I serve.

I am not only thankful for my current opportunities and accomplishments – and those ahead of me – but I am also grateful for all that God has done for me in the past. I am humbled by these miracles, empowered from these experiences, and encouraged by these past difficulties that couldn’t last longer than God’s strength.

Affirmations – 03.22.18

I am more than enough. I remove all of my insecurities, false and unhelpful stories, worries, and excuses – all of which are based on my own capabilities and not God’s – where my mindset and heartset should be; don’t serve my aspirations to love and serve people; and they do not prove that God is in my life. I am making more RAM available for God to speak and work through me, and I expect optimal performance and miracle outputs.

I am focused on creating landslide win/win situations for all of my interactions today – because mere win/win situations are easy when you’re a pushover, when you’re lazy, when you compromise yourself, and when you are human. I am here to do work that stems from the soul, be different, be inspiring, be loving, and be priceless in the value I give to others.

Not only do I create global-sized winning situations and value for myself and others, I also put them into action TODAY. Not tomorrow, not when things are perfect, and not waiting for others to validate them. Even if it’s a small baby step or crawl – it will be done today. Today is all I have and can control, if at all, and I will do what I can; and not let any noise (responding to emails, social media, invitations that don’t align with my goals, etc.) blue the signal.