Affirmations – 05.21.18

Today I do not worry about anything. Instead, I will pray about everything and thank the Lord for all that He has done and will continue to do. 92% of my worries never happen or are inconsequential; 8% of my legitimate fears don’t require the debilitating and unhelpful act of worrying; worry cannibalizes 100% of my joy, mind, effectiveness; and focusing on God has a success and effectiveness rate of 100%.

Today I am not focused on what I SHOULD be doing, but what I am obsessed with – either by God’s inspiration, what I know about myself, and what God places in front of me today without feeling pushed.

Today I am mindful of my self-talk. I’m not concerned with technique and visible effort, but my psychology. I can easily fall into the trap of “I’m not good enough, I don’t belong, it’s not time yet, I don’t have the resources, etc.” when pursuing things I am called to do but are afraid of. But I am replacing those thoughts with reminders that I am operating out of His power and resources; the size of my God is much larger than all of my fears combined; and the most important, transformative moments in my life were always on the other side of stepping out in faith.


Affirmation – 05.19.18

Today, my only mission is to love. If I can’t do that, then nothing else matters.

Affirmations – 05.17.18

Today I pursue doing the right things and doing all things in love – in my interactions with other people, and with myself. This includes giving more value than I can capture at work – regardless of whether or not I benefit directly; being patient, kind, disciplining, present, and encouraging to my kids; helping my wife without complaining, and supporting all of her endeavors in self-care and business; and sleeping adequately tonight, exercising, living with integrity, eliminating self-imposed fears and stress, and doing what You built me to do.

Today I am focused on attacking the core of problems and opportunities, and not being distracted or misled into quick fixes, reactively addressing only what I can see, putting bandaids on wounds, or nurturing things on shallow/unhealthy ground. I am thoughtful and serious about change from the inside out.

Today I am refraining from sending emails until I ask myself if I truly need to respond to it, if I can make a phone call to solve this, and if I respond in a way that eliminates ever having to deal with it ever again – in that order.

Deep in the trenches & nuthin’ wrong w/ being ol skool

Pictured: Not sure this was legal or socially acceptable…but my son Ethan at the park, digging through bark all the way to the bottom. Perfect parallel to the first part of today’s message lol!

“When I first started my career…I mistakenly believed that there was an engineering fix for every problem. With the right design and engineering, all problems associated with moving animals could be solved…

What I learned from this design disaster was that I had attempted to treat the symptom of a problem instead of its cause. From that point forward in my career, I was careful to differentiate between problems that can be fixed with new equipment and problems that should be fixed by other means. Later in my career, I have observed that people want the magic new thing more than they want improved management to fix problems. Managers need to carefully determine the areas in their business where new technology is the right choice and other areas where a back-to-basics management approach may be more effective.”

This was a great insight from Temple Grandin inside Tim Ferris‘ book Tribe of Mentors. I am encouraged to go below the surface and see if there is a root cause I need to address that goes beyond the surface-level, face-value, and “tip of the iceberg” of symptoms.

I also need to be careful of the bright shiny object that may be sexy – not because of its effectiveness but only because it’s new.

And what comes to mind?

Handling issues by phone instead of emails. I have a tendency to avoid making and taking phone calls. A small portion of it is because receiving phone calls is annoying when I’m trying to focus on work; and I’m slightly antisocial, believe it or not lol!

But getting on the phone helps establish a real connection, I can understand tone and immediate clarification where email doesn’t provide that, there is less distraction, I can stand out more, and I can probably handle a bulk of the task instead of sending emails, waiting for a response, following up if there is no response, putting out fires because I missed the context of the message, etc.

I love Boomerang and email in general – because I hate paper, and I live on my electronics – but they do become a devastating crutch if I over-dependent on those tools.

Using the Reminders app on my iphone instead of MeMail, Trello and the multiple follow-up folders between my many company email inboxes (personal, The Halal Guys, Cauldron Ice Cream, my nonprofit, Christine’s @ohsugargrove account; and this doesn’t include social media, voice mails, text messages, etc.). It’s minimal and simple to where I can’t hide my workload inside task management programs with fancy bells and whistles. It’s refreshingly minimal, and forces me to keep it simple, focused, and actionable.

Refraining from sending a proposal to potential clients until I have a clear signal that a deal can happen. My over-excitement and rush to help people, anti-social tendencies, inability to say NO and admission that someone might not be an ideal client/partner, and discomfort in asking difficult questions all make me less effective in my work.

If I just slow down and ask questions to really qualify a deal, build boundaries to reject opportunities that don’t honor my goals, and truly know whether I can truly add tremendous value and that the partner/client is willing to pay for or invest in the deal…my impact on the world would be so much more powerful.

Are there any stories you’d like to share about eliminating roots of problems instead of treating symptoms? And/Or are there any back-to-basics initiatives that you do instead of new technologies that are more effective?

“Every day is an opportunity to create a living masterpiece.”

“We have far more control in our lives than many embrace. We create or co-create our experiences in life, and each day is a new opportunity to be fully engaged in the present moment. It’s the present moment where glimpses of our potential are revealed and expressed. A living masterpiece is not drawn on a canvas or etched in stone or inked by pen. It’s the pursuit and expression of applied insight and wisdom.”
– Michael Gervais, sport psychologist
This is a passage from Tim Ferriss’ book Tribe of Mentors.
In order to do real work, I believe we need to get rid of the distractions i.e. emails, text messages, social media (besides this post lol!), etc; accept that we’re enough and don’t need validation from others; be comfortable with silence; look around and within; and leave white space open so that your most authentic self and full potential can flow out.
Today, the one little thing I’m going to do to honor this is making eye contact with people I talk to and making eye contact into the root of things. I so want to make a connection; I want to be comfortable with this uncomfortable position, for a chance to have deep understanding, gain deep insight, and do deep work.
I tend to distract myself with busyness and other mind-numbing activities because I don’t like the feeling; but I want a breakthrough more than I want comfort.
Hope this equips you today.

Affirmations – 05.15.18

Today I am taking steps to scratch nagging itches. I am sharing my ideas with others, I am asking for help, I am researching, and I am taking action. I am no longer making excuses for being too busy, scared, and inexperienced; and I am no longer ignoring what God has been nudging at me to do.

Today I am stopping whatever else I’m doing because it isn’t actually work, and doing the work I know I’m supposed to do. I am micromanaging all of my activities to ensure they are either serving the Kingdom, or they are no longer existent in my daily routine.

Today I am showing care in my health, my relationships, and all of my companies, and helping them grow just a bit more. I am running tonight; I am spending time with Ethan during Deion’s baseball game and my wife after the kids go to bed; I am securing financing for another Halal Guys store; I am furthering construction on my Cauldron store; I am adding more value in my existing consulting clients; I am reaching out to another potential client; and I am looking for more donors for my nonprofit.

Affirmations – 05.14.18

Today I apply a strategy of generosity. I am more focused on spreading encouraging, effective, and transformative ideas, opportunities, and advice – as opposed to hiding them in selfish secrecy, being too busy to share them, and/or having to monetizing them. I am not tied to the outcome of these efforts; and I am expecting to be surprised by what I get in return from being helpful.

Today I do not skim on my relationships. I am fully present in my meetings and interactions with my family when I get home. I will not rush conversations but delve into them further – asking questions, showing interest, and doing things I normally would be too busy to do. I am aware of the fact that busy work and technology prevent real connections; and I combat that by putting my phone, iPad, and laptop away. I combat that by creating margin in my schedule so that I’m not thinking of what’s next and if I’m behind. I combat that by remembering that relationships are part of God’s greatest commandment – there is no command greater than tending to love.

Today I am aware of my passions and curiosities – and I am pursuing them; I am aware of my inexperiences and fears – and I am pushing through them; I am aware of my safety nets – and I am leaving them. I want to live for something bigger than myself; I am going off of God’s power and experience – not my own; and I am in the midst of a breakthrough – so I should get out of my way and let it happen.

Do what you can…then leave

“Paul entered the synagogue and spoke boldly there for three months, arguing persuasively about the kingdom of God. But some of them became obstinate; they refused to believe and publicly maligned the Way. So Paul left them. He took the disciples with him and had discussions daily in the lecture hall of Tyrannus. This went on for two years, so that all the Jews and Greeks who lived in the province of Asia heard the word of the Lord.” (Acts‬ ‭19:8-10‬ ‭NIV‬‬)

In my prospecting, selling, coaching, and various other forms of communication…I pray for the ability to give You glory – with love, kindness, compassion, and wisdom. I also pray for the reminder that it’s only up to me to open the door and do my best when I speak or do things in Your name; but it’s up to the Holy Spirit for its success or failure. “Some will, some won’t, so what” is the mentality to have; and if words or actions aren’t received favorably or as intended, I know that I did what I could and need to move on without the temptation of wasting time “beating a dead horse.”

I’m not tied to the outcome; I’m tied to what I can truly control – and that should be liberating.

Affirmations – 05.09.18

I dare to do what I’ve been putting off, what I fear, and what sets my soul on fire. I’m not tied to the outcome, since that’s up to God and all that’s required of me is to show up and do my best, and sometimes the results lead to something even better than what I would’ve never planned myself; fear is usually a sign that I’m about to do something life-lifechanging; I can only win or learn in these moments; and inspiration is usually how God calls me, and I should answer.

I live a life that shows grace. I’ve been loved and forgiven, so I should love and forgive others. I’ve been given talented abilities and an important life purpose, and I should help others uncover, strengthen, and pursue theirs. I’ve been blessed with unmerited possessions, and I should be a godly steward over those things.

I communicate constructive criticism and advice with truth, love, and kindness; and I eliminate ego when receiving criticism and truth in return.

Tumbling forever & being called out

“Have mercy on me, O God, according to your unfailing love; according to your great compassion blot out my transgressions. Wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin.” (Psalm‬ ‭51:1-2‬ ‭NIV‬‬)

There are two major themes that I get from today’s devotional:

1. Through the passage above and my reading of Judges, I am coming to grips that I will continue to sin against You, Lord. It’s not that I want to sin, or that I don’t understand the blessings I miss out on by my transgressions; but it’s because I am human and broken. But I shouldn’t feel discouraged by this fact and think “Why bother?!” Because regardless of how bad things are and how often these falls happen, You love me forever and deeply still, and that You give me a way out and a way back. This reminder will empower me to do and be better and better. And

2. In the Book of Job God calls him out on his over-righteousness and wondering “why me?” and through Judges 11 where Jephthah calls out the king of the Ammonites on why he has beef with the Israelites. I’m not entirely sure whether I myself need to be called out; or that I need to strength to call others out – with kindness, of course – but it’s going to stay on my mind throughout the day.

If it’s the former, I pray for the humility to accept this tough love and the strength to correct my actions; and if it’s the latter, I pray for the courage to stand up when others are sitting down in the face of wrongdoing; the wisdom to say the right things; and the love to say things right.