Throwback: Maximization

I wrote this two years ago, on this very day, in my DayOne journal. And it still benefits me today.

Lord – please help me utilize all of the resources I have to serve You, my purpose, and help people. Just like the analogy I make often about only using maybe 10% of what my iPhone can potentially do, I feel like I leave so much opportunity, productivity, and happiness on the table by being reactive and not realizing what’s available to me to generate income or just think of others.

Thank You for today’s devotional. Now let me get to working on it.


Affirmations – 12.14.18

Today, I am returning to basics. I am aware of how beneficial it is to sleep early and wake up with a large margin to: (i) carry out good morning habits; and (ii) go about my day with less stress, more focus, and better decision-making. I take that awareness to live my best life today; and conquer the temptations of staying up late for unworthy pursuits, unproductive work, running on empty before I sleeping by terms other than my own.

Today, I make better health choices. I refrain from eating carbs directly – as I get my adequate amounts already in my protein shakes, black coffee, and protein-focused meals. I stand up and walk when taking phone calls; and I incorporate a form of the Pomodoro Technique, where I get up after intervals of super focused work. I run with Sugar tonight; it gives me time with God, the cold Winter air feels invigorating, Sugar is happy, and I am burning calories.

Today, I am finding ways to help family, partners, clients, and everybody I come across win; and thinking of my own ambitions less. I understand that the benefits to myself are a natural byproduct of loving and serving others, and that God’s blessings are not based on results – but by the faith and obedience – and that is relieving. I remember how incredible it feels to give and elevate people.

Thankful – 12.14.18

I’m grateful to have slept earlier than most days. Being sick and taking drowsy medication definitely had a hand in this. I woke up before 5a and was able to return to most of my morning routine, and it feels encouraging. I’m regaining mental and emotional strength; making better consumption and exercise decisions; experiencing joy and less stress, and exhibiting them, too; and being productive.

I’m grateful for the immediate resolve to take care of my health yesterday. I had gout and drove to Anaheim Urgent Care first thing in the morning. I was sneezing and congested last night, and took Emergen-C and NyQuil to address those symptoms. This morning I feel great on both fronts.

I’m grateful that You’ve given me so much guidance on how to live a life of obedience, servanthood, and overall Christlikeness. You’ve done this through constant reminders in the Bible (and You know I am stubborn and forgetful), and through the blessings and people all around me. It’s called me out and put me back on track; it’s helped me take better paths; and it’s helped me be a better husband, father, and businessperson.

Affirmations – 10.26.18

Today I rejoice and am thankful in all circumstances. I understand that difficulties are opportunities to exhibit God’s love and grace; they are soil for building character; and that they happen to everyone – and the major difference in success and happiness is how I respond to them.

Today I am relentless about cutting out the excess fat – in my sugar and carb intake, and in my workload – only committing to purpose-driven, value-packed, and high-yield activities. A growing workload does not equal success; it communicates that I may not be prioritizing and DEAL-ing effectively; and that my focus on God, my family time, and my health are at-risk of being pushed to the side.

Today I am fearless in my decision-making. I need to consult with God and godly people; understand that the outcome has already been decided – God’s will always plays out; and for any fears of wrong decisions, most of them are never permanent nor catastrophic anyway, and that I can return/recalibrate.

Last push for Operation Christmas Child

Hi All,

Happy Monday to you all! Summer is cooling down (ish); kids are back at school (yay!); and Christmas is around the corner (WHAT?!). I hope this message finds you happy and healthy.

I wanted to let you know that we are close to “Operations Day” for “Operation Christmas Child”. Most people do their shoebox packing closer to Christmas, but because we do larger quantities than most groups (because of you!), and because we want to send them to really hard-to-reach villages/countries that often get neglected and/or people don’t even know exist…it takes more time for our shoeboxes to get inspected and shipped.
Operation Christmas Child has notified us that our pick-up date is September 22nd (Friday). That means all boxes must be packed and ready before then!
We are still short on funds needed to purchase all of the needed supplies, so this is our last-minute request for donations for this cause we care about so much. 
Any amount is appreciated, and 100% funds go to the supplies for our poorest families around the world.
You can do so through these three methods:
  1. Sending a Venmo to @shaftfoundation
  2. Sending through Zelle/QuickPay through Chase Bank or Wells Fargo, to 
  3. Depositing funds directly into to our bank account at Chase Bank – Our account number is 136626535 and routing number is 322271627
That’s it for now. We’ll be communicating soon for when we’ll be actually putting these boxes together!
Thank you again, All. We appreciate everybody who has donated in the past/present; are praying for us; and are rolling up their sleeves to help.

Affirmations – 08.22.18

Today I am creating systems in my companies. I am preventing problems from occurring and making problems go away, I’m giving people who come in contact with my companies more life, and by doing so I can focus on more meaningful, creative, and strategic initiatives.

Today I am doing what’s best for the Lord, my family, and the customers that support my businesses; but I am leaving the outcome to Him.

Today I am going into decisions with eyes wide-open. I am not seduced by money; by optimism; or by default…but I am making choices that honor God’s purpose for me; by reality and hope; and by doing what truly works.

Affirmations – 08.01.18

Today I am focused on the little things that seem (KEYWORD) insignificant, unimportant, and boring – because they make the biggest impact on the universe.

Today I am 20% knowledgeable and 80% ignorant. I have an insatiable need to know more; I drop the arrogance and ego that thinking “I know it all” enslaves; and I remember the countless innovations, breakthroughs, and life-changers that derived from being a little crazy, naive of risks, and disrespectful of the status quo.

Today I am focused on adding so much value – in my interactions and activities – that it has no choice but to overflow and loop back.

Affirmations – 07.09.18

Today I say no to all inputs and requests that do not honor my goals, or I am not passionate or obsessively curious about. Giving in to these temptations leads to regret, anger, frustration, unmet purpose and real work that NOT getting done, drained energy, compromised relationships, and unfairness to BOTH requestors well as my true stakeholders.

Today I am operating from a place of God’s love, wisdom, abundance, and strength.

Today I am building wealth for the purpose of giving God glory. To me, this means providing for my family – my first ministry – and others in need; tithing to build the Kingdom; and being a beacon of light to businesspeople and other workaholics like me who tend to put God to the side or forget Him completely. But today – no more.

Affirmations – 07.04.18

Today I operate out of love, power, and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7 reminds me that I wasn’t given a spirit of fear or timidity; so I am detoxing those two unhelpful, unhealthy, and unnecessary characteristics that I wasn’t meant to house within me, and giving me the best chance possible of fulfilling my purpose.

Today I seek wisdom and discernment over knowledge, material possessions, worldly accomplishments, and comfort. King Solomon walked with the Lord and lived an incredible life because of it; and I crave that relationship and experience.

Today I am forgoing instant gratification – whether it be an impulse to check social media, eat unhealthy food, or other sabotaging tendencies. I eliminate the temptation completely, if I can; I deconstruct what is causing the temptation, and uproot it instead of put a bandaid on things; I offset it with healthier habits (taking a walk, taking a breather, reading my affirmations); and I remind myself of the long game.

What are you thinking for?

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 9.24.01 AM.png

“Thinking is no longer used for exploration but an ego-support device.” – Edward de Bono

Whoa – so profound.

I read this exactly a year ago in What I Learned Losing A Million Dollars by Jim Paul and Brendan Moynihan. In addition, I recently listened to a podcast interview between Tim Ferriss and Adam Robinson that spoke of this same concept of “confirmation bias” – so I couldn’t ignore writing this.

This section reminds me to NOT make a conclusion first and then look for evidence to support it; but to think carefully of what’s truly going on, play out all potential future scenarios, and explore with pre-planned responses to events that will prevent me from being reactive.

Also – because I’ve had a string of some successes in the past, it’s made me more prone to to this toxic behavior of ignoring facts (there are failed companies I’ve started or been involved in), realities, other possibilities I didn’t know about or never would’ve considered, and not planning ahead for emergencies and changes in direction (which happen more often than not).

There is no room for ego, pride, and defense; only the truth and healthy responses.